Shauna’s Medical Care

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When I moved here in 2005, I became a patient at Clinic Ole. What a difference from Clear Lake!

I had to wait 3 hours in the waiting room at Clinic Ole Back then they did things manually.

And I didn’t have a primary Doctor. In the summer of 2006 I finally got a primary Doctor. My doctor is very good at keeping up with me by email and health visits are every 6-8 weeks . Over the years I have seen change. They are using computers and they are much faster at getting you in at your appointment time.

My OBGYN is very good with me. I see her every 6 months. She makes me very comfortable and she is easy to talk to.

My Psychiatrist has seen the most change. I was first introduced to him while he was at Clinic Ole 8 years ago. He makes me laugh, compliments my personal growth, gets me through very tough times. And has been here for the entire time I have been in Napa. Last year he moved from Clinic Ole to his own private Office, and now I see him at T.L.C! My Medical Team is the best around!!


Thank You Dr. Rebecca Levy, Dr. Jennifer Wilson and Dr. Richard Chadwin

Napa CA