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In 2006 Stacy Perez and Vicki Robinson launched Tailored Living Choices, (TLC), a Supported Living Services agency for people with developmental and mental health disabilities. The agency quickly became identified for their ability and willingness to serve individuals with severe behaviors such as, elopement, sexual offenders and assaultive behaviors. TLC has successfully played a pivotal role in transitioning individuals discharged from long-term locked facilities. They also specialize in serving people with Prader-Willi, Dual Diagnosis, Autism, Pica, forensics, and severe medical conditions including, Diabetes and Uncontrolled Seizure Disorders.

Clinical Director, Stacy Perez, LPT

I have been working in the developmental disabilities and mental health field for the past 12 years. My experience consists of employment in institutionalized settings, intermediate & Community Care Facilities, and Supported Living Programs. I am the co-owner and Clinical Director of Tailored Living Choices along with Vicki Robinson, Administrator. Tailored Living Choices has operated in Napa County for the past 6 years and Lake County for 5 years. Tailored Living Choices specializes in working with individuals with autism, severe behavioral challenges, and dual diagnosis.


Received professional training at Napa Valley College and graduated Valedictorian from the Psychiatric Technician Program in 2004, with an emphasis on crisis management, intervention and prevention, and pharmacology. Stacy graduated in 1999 from Horizons Business School with an associate’s degree in business. Stacy completed 9 months of clinical training at Sonoma Developmental Center in 2003-2004.

Experiences in the field

Completed clinical work at Napa State Hospital where I was responsible for 1:1 crisis management of high risk clientele. My responsibilities and duties were to conduct clinical evaluations, individual treatment planning, suicide assessments and observations, medication administration, weekly behavioral notes, and crisis intervention and prevention. During employment at Napa State Hospital, I was often assigned as the acting “shift lead” on a predominately schizophrenic unit of 33 forensic clients. I was responsible for all the patients and staff on the unit ensuring all individuals followed policies and procedures as outlined by the hospital guidelines. During my employment I encountered at least one crisis situation per shift on a daily basis.

I have a strong background in behavioral analytic principles including comprehensive functional assessments, functional analysis of behavior and developing behavior intervention plans, with a strong emphasis on person-centered planning. Currently, I have trained a successful mobile crisis team in both Napa and Lake County.

Executive Administrator, Vicki Robinson

Vicki Robinson became the Conservator of her step son, Tyler when he was 9 years old. As a parent of a severely developmentally delayed son with full spectrum autism she got a crash course in on the job training. Throughout Tyler’s schooling years Vicki attended countless IEP’s and left the meetings feeling confused and broken hearted. Vicki’s son, Tyler, is non-verbal and uses gestures to communicate therefore she became a professional at reading facial expressions, utilizing PEC’s communication system, and identifying triggers that promote behaviors. Vicki understands firsthand the many rituals, patterns, and behaviors associated with autism. She also understands the frustrations and disappointments that many parents experience while raising a child with developmental disabilities such as, leaving your grocery cart full of groceries because of a uncontrollable behavior, or searching for your child because they have ran full speed down the street chasing a floating leaf, sitting through hours of an IEP and feeling like everything you’re hearing is negative.

Vicki is amazing with her ability to think like an autistic individual and formulate a plan to stop or diminish a behavior. A true life example of this was when her son kept attempting to jump out of a moving vehicle and run to a hat factory that he walked past a week prior with his Father. After carefully listening to the staff and reports of elopement Vicki figured her son threw away his straw while walking with his father and kept attempting to return to retrieve it. The plan Vicki improvised was for the staff to go plant a new straw by the hat factory and have her son find it in hopes this would stop his unsafe behavior. The staff did exactly as Vicki directed and Tyler smiled and never attempted to jump out of the car or run back to the hat factory.

Pertinent Work Experience

Vicki worked as a Supported Living Case Manager for a nonprofit Supported Living Agency for 2 years. Soon after her 2 years of employment she was promoted to Program Director.  Vicki supervised 3 Case Managers and over 70 employees. Vicki understands the aspects of a Supported Living Agency from a program point of view as well as the personnel aspects.

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