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JT and Robert, at the 2011 Lake County Easter Celebration
  • Intervention and Crisis Management
  • Psychotropic Medication Supervision
  • 24 Hour Care and Monitoring
  • Training and Education
  • Family Support and Advocacy
  • Emphasis on Community Integration
  • Certified Pro-Act Trainers
  • CPR and First Aide Trainer
  • Assessments Utilizing Person Centered Planning
  • Programs for Personal Goals and Dreams

Supporting Living Criteria

  • The individual must have a specific developmental disability. Disabilities may include a diagnosis of mental retardation (Mild to profound), epilepsy, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, Asperger’s, and autism. Individuals served may have dual diagnoses which may include Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, or other mental health diagnosis as outlined in the DSM-IV-R.
  • A referral must be made through the Regional Center before the assessment process can begin.
  • The individual must be 18 years old or older.
  • Acceptance in the program will be on a individual basis as determined by the assessment, pertinent records, and collaboration with the Regional Center.


All referrals must be received from the Regional Center prior to the assessment interview. After a referral packet is received from the Regional Center, we will review it, and then schedule a visit with the individual requiring services and their circle of support. In some cases several meeting will be held before the written assessment is completed.

The referral and assessment process can take up to 3 months which is dependent on the individual’s needs and current living conditions. After the assessment is completed a detailed report will be submitted to the Regional Center for review.

Tailored Living Choices will also submit a written proposal to the Regional Center based on our assessment for the cost of services. The cost of services is determined by the individuals needs and supports that we believe are required to live in a community based setting.


The time frame during the assessment process can take up to 6 months which is dependent on how many assessments are already pending or in process. The geographic area of the individual and travel arrangements and time may also be a factor of the length of time to complete an assessment. At times there maybe a referral for an individual that is in urgent need of a placement which can delay the completion of an individual that’s assessment has already been started but is living in a secure and safe environment. The urgency of the placement may be an individual who has lost their placement because of a death of caregiver, a closure of a facility, or there are suspicions of abuse.

Our assessments are detailed, we utilize self-reporting, family input, and Regional Center medical, psychiatric, and psychological records that are forwarded to us from the Regional Center. At the conclusion of the interview all data is compiled to formulate a tailored living program that meets the individual personal goals, dreams, preferences, and supports necessary to meet all health and safety guidelines.

TLC Literacy Program

Since 2010, the TLC Lakeport office has offered 1:1 “Literacy” instruction for interested clients.   Our current instructor Glenneth Lambert got his teaching credential in 1983 and has worked in schools, group homes, psychiatric hospitals, and with services providing for disabled clients since.  His passion is art and he uses a creative approach to meet clients needs and interest in ANY area they want to improve.  Some examples are  doing probability problems and pronouncing the largest word in the dictionary for our higher functioning,  keeping checkbook records and making change, writing a recipe book, or  reading from the old classic ” Dick and Jane ” series.  I try to meet students ” where they are at ” and make it fun and enriching says Glen.  And it’s not unusual that pre-made plans change .  It’s also not unusual to hear a song or harmonica musical jam coming from the room.   I recently taught a client ” relaxation techniques ” to help him better deal with stress and depression.  His comment after a few days of this was ” I feel better ;  I have more energy ” Glen has been working for TLC for approaching 4 years and teaching literacy for us a little over a year.

Glenneth Lambert- TLC Literacy Instructor